A Data Room Online Can Help You Expand Your Business

Virtual data rooms can be an invaluable tool for a variety of business projects that require professional document management storage, sharing and storage. Businesses of all kinds use VDRs for a variety of purposes, including M&A, due diligence, collaboration and much more.

Legal firms, for instance, can reduce paperwork and increase the efficiency of legal data collection and transfer with a secure VDR. Investment banks utilize VDRs for M&A capital-raising, IPOs, and other transactions and also to facilitate strategic partnerships and financial transactions. Accounting and auditing firms can collaborate and share documents with clients in a secure setting and make it easy to find specific information in vast amounts of data.

The life science industry is dependent on intellectual property (IP), and it’s vital that R&D occurs with the highest possible levels of security. Life science companies use VDRs for everything from clinical trial results and HIPAA compliance to licensing IP and storing patient files. iDeals includes all the features you’d expect from a VDR: drag-and-drop uploader, auto-indexing, numbered folders, and advanced search. It also lets you collaborate within the document view, and has reporting tools that provide insight into which documents are being viewed and when they are viewed.

Users appreciate iDeals for its user-friendly interface and extensive reporting tools. They also appreciate how the support team at iDeals is always available to help with any questions. Some users have complained that the program lacks basic functionality and takes some time to learn.