The day of the wedding can be described as time for close friends and family to come together watching a couple commit their very own lives to each other. It’s also per day of tradition and ceremonies, some of which are lighthearted and funny, and some are used very very seriously and not to get mocked.

Some of these practices have been completely around for hundreds of years and are still in practice today, whilst some have become new trends. By jumping over the broom to seeing your future spouse bare before the wedding service, we’ve collected a few of the world’s oddest marriage traditions so that you can check out.

From Philippines to Papua New Guinea, these wedding party traditions go a little bit more intense than simply throwing grain and blossom petals. In Papua New Guinea, men fresh paint their systems with feathers, sing matching cries trying to woo the female members of the tribe in a ritual known as the Sing-Sing. Once the bride-to-be accepts the proposal, the groom will take her on a retraite to the wedding ceremony venue, which will involves him being hoisted on the shoulders of different men inside the village.

Before the service in a matrilineal society, individuals of the bride’s family provide her a silver dollars as a indication of their appreciate for her. If she will keep it throughout her life, superstition says she is going to never encounter fiscal difficulties. In China, a possible husband locations his bride using a bow and (head-less) arrow, collecting each arrow and breaking them during the ceremony, to ensure that all their love lasts forever.